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Dorin Gaskets

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Part No Product Image Description OEM.reference
10.25.500 DO Gasket cylinder head ( Metal) for K750CC/CS 1PGB201
10.25.510 DO Gasket valve plate for K750CC/CS 1PGA272
10.25.515 DO Gasket body/motor for K750/1000CC/CS 1CGH031
10.25.520 DO Gasket terminal plate for K750CC/CS
10.25.525 DO Gasket flange for K750CC/CS 1CGD011
10.25.530 DO Gasket thrust for K750CC/CS 1CGC091
10.25.535 DO Gasket suction SOV for K750/1000 1CGH131
10.25.540 DO Gasket discharge SOV for K750/1000 1CGH061
10.25.545 DO Gasket discharge manifold for K750/1000 1CGH051
10.25.550 DO Gasket pipe socket for K750CC/CS
10.25.560 DO Gasket Valve plate ring K750CC/CS 1PGD041